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silence on the bank failures?

Seeking Alpha aims to provide an alternative and real source of financial news so the question is:  why aren't the bank failures the lead?  This is the Republican answer to the Democratic need to have "the body count" in Iraq yet no one, not even zero-hedge even, is reporting on this weekly occurrence on its front page.  Why?  Obviously with a President and his media cronies constantly repeating the refrain "depression, depression, depression" it's not because the media is unaware of the idea that a financial calamity has occurred.  Simply put this news is not to be reported because even at SA the reality of these failures like the fires after 9/11 are exposing the malfeasance and futility of "our hero's" response.  At some point the babbling will commence because these failures are so staggering but for now it's "the phony war" as the French called it before the Nazi's roared in and conquered their country in 4 weeks.  For now we are stuck in a world where we are not to be informed investors by a site dedicated to supposedly doing just that.  This must be considered a willful silence and I hope the readers of the SA site speak up and speak out against it.  Needless to say the gold-bugs are (rightly so) having a field day because this is fundamentally necessary information that must be transmitted in order to provide a basic form of intelligence or FAITH in order to invest and refute rumors.  What is the point in investing in a media company itself if the financial system can't be relied upon anymore to help any business make payroll?  In other words the media in order to even exist MUST put these failures as their lead in order to exposed the miscreants such that the investing WORLD who we all obviously depend now can begin to have even a modicum of confidence in investing again in this nation.  I thought that was the POINT of the whole "internet thing" to begin with and how it could help AMERICANS prosper.  In other words:  THE TRUTH WILL BE SPOKEN OF HERE.  So far I've heard nothing more than the sound of silence from the "politically correct" internet.