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Here come the taxes

No, that's not TEXANS with all their oil money.  It's called TAXES and they're going up BIG and they're gonna be going up NOW.  As Barak Obama's Presidency goes down in flames in the most spectacular collapse of a just elected American President in history the political class is realizing its back is against the wall.  They're stricken with fear and they should be.  Having tossed all the nation's savings down the rat-hole of a Wall Street bail-out then RE-APPOINTED all those who created this political disaster of a life-time the Washington D.C. crowd has shown itself to be devoid of even an interest in what to do let alone actually interested in doing something.  That means higher taxes as simply put the nation and all its constituent states roar into bankruptcy.  In short THE BAILOUT HAS FAILED as they always do.  You still need cops.  You still need firemen.  We'll see about the mail.  There is a war going on which even if you agree that we need to "wind down" (as even conservatives now are whining about) makes this war even MORE expensive.  Sorry America but insofar as the fact that you even vote (and if you didn't you REALLY ARE getting what your JUST DESSERTS) this was your idea.  As they say you made the bed, now you get to sleep in it.

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