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Apocalypse Now Redux?

As most SA contributors and overwhelmingly the commentariat propound the bearish view companies that actually benefit from "the end of the world" scenario have had significant moves.  Front and center are the railroad stocks of which there really is only one.  That one of course is Union Pacific which was slammed with the collapse of Wall Street and with it the States of California, New York and New Jersey.  While such moves can be seen as "good news" in the sense that it shows that certain companies are doing great in this environment stocks like UP moving higher do NOT mean all is well.  The message:  public policy that is simply wrong and just as importantly a total collapse in the people's confidence in public policy.  Clearly putting health care ahead of "getting people back to work" is one the greatest political blunders of an incoming administration in history.  (And maybe even THE greatest since it shows a highly rarefied form of stupidity.)  But is this collapse of Wall Street now beginning to metastsize into a far large collapse and more significant collapse of Federal institutions and largesse?  The railroads moving higher says "yes."  Stay tuned.