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Peter Orzag's Other Love Child

As I'm sure most SA reader's know the White House Budget Director dumped the mother of his child for a piece of eye-candy from ABC news.  But that wasn't his only love child.  Number 2 is the Federal Budget and the bankrupting "of all those evil Republicans."  While "main Man" Mr. Potus is talkin' up free money for "small business" the kid known as "el Dorko" is dreaming up new and imaginative ways for the government not to have to meet its commitments.  Give Mr. Wild Noodle some credit, there is a pamphlet with the word "budget" on it.  If only you and I could have such a thing. (and I'm not just talking about lying on your credit application as much as Little Peetie has to "His Dad" Senator Gregg who is refusing to co-sign.  Noo.  Word on the street for all you girls out there is, "he's still lookin'.")  Clearly only his boss believes this clap-trap.  Sure they're slashing and burning NASA and in an ongoing saga the Post Office.  The irony of course is that none of this saves a dime.  Even "the liar" knows rescue can only come in the form of higher revenues.  I say higher revenues because taxes in and of themselves do not result in higher revenues.  Needless to say the Democrats are going to be in for huge surprise when, unlike George Bush who cut taxes and saw government revenues soar, they raise taxes and watch as tax revenues plummet.  Of course this shouldn't come as a surprise.  This Party campaigned on ending an empire not starting one.

Disclosure: shorting wal mart