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Buy low sell high declared illegal by New York

Cut the crap.  All this talk and all the small ball market churners come home to the same place:  "the game is rigged.  i need more liquidity."  Why?  "Because I'm a moron from New York/Europe/Argentina and I've never made a mistake it's not fair that that other guy over there is making a fortune off me."  So NOW IT'S THE EXCHANGE'S JOB TO LIMIT MY LOSSES??  Karl Marx said history repeats itself--the first as tragedy the second as farce.  We're well into the farce stage now.  In short this has nothing NOR HAS IT EVER HAD anything to do with "confidence."  This is about the destruction of liquidity BY THE MARKET ITSELF WHOSE SOLE PURPOSE IS TO PROVIDE IT.  We're better off without the whole edifice.  DECLARE THE NYSE AND ALL OTC MARKETS CLOSED NOW.  Allow trading in treasuries.  Rick Santelli will be your market maker.  If you have a problem call him.

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