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Why it's in the US interest to bailout Europe (though it wil never happen)

While this is nothing more than an academic excercise since it is not possible to have a true "Financial Marshal Plan" for an imploding Europe given the current politics in both Europe and the USA I am stating this as an extreme reference point to provide some form of basis in which to understand the "Rolling Thunder" that the debt collapse of the nation states of Europe are in.  In other words to "explain" the "unexplainable" take an extreme position and see if that helps to grant some insight since no "moderate" or "consensus" view is possible given the magnitude complexity that "the collapse of the Euro" represents.  As ECB President Trichet has stated "this is the worst crisis for Europe since World War I."  This is an interesting analogy since World War I was "the war no one wanted or foresaw."  And so it is with the collapse of the Euro.  It is my view that financial professionals must use a "Financial World War I" historical intellect in order to discern the possible impact of American policy responses to this collapse since clearly "this is an American problem now."  Assuming a "non-response" by the USA is simply showing one's ignorance of the significance of "Greece" in this "the Greatest of Games."

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