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Go ahead and ignore earnings, zero percent interest rates, free labor, free land...

A war, a crazy black man as President (with a wonderfully possessive wife), a growing economy, no inflation, a strong and strengthening dollar, your bosses hot daughter.

Alright--so at least something caught your eye.  And if you still wonder why "hard right Republicans demanding tax increases" aren't a tell as Options Monster Man has retorted just ask yourself:  what is options monster man's ballywick?  Money or men?  Obviously nothing against the now self described "Goldilocks."  How about a wager with the loser wearing a dress Options Monster?  I am STIll stuck driving a truck so we are talking equal danger here.  How about a simple "the S&P will end next week at ____?"  To be honest I don't even know where it closed today but what the heck, right?

Disclosure: dress free (so far)