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The Promise and Peril of a Falling Up Market

Bulls and Bears make money and boy is there the wondrous smell of bacon permeating like perfume to this fat man behind the wheel.  Obviously I'm a bull, have been for a rise of in excess of 60%.  Obviously this is when it gets tough to be a bull due to the obvious "buy high so it goes higher" perilous reality.  My first bit of advice:  listen to Cramer because he more than anyone understands how utterly professional one must be to stay bullish in here.  This guy really is the real deal and anyone who mistakes anti-semitism for "taking it out on the whole lot of 'em" has made the biggest investing mistake of their lifetimes.  Indeed this is the guy who "screamed the top" and if only he had personalized it as I will until my dying days well, MAYBE EVEN THE BANKERS WOULD HAVE LISTENED!!!!  Indeed I never thought there could be anyone lower than Richard Nixon until Alan Greenspan came along and hence my anit-jewish rantings.  I swear to God I wake up in the middle of night like Gollum being tortured by Orcs screaming "Greenspan!  Greenspan!."  Now onto "the perils."  Obviously those "mama Grizzlies" being left destitute because all the Papa Grizzlies have been fried by semi-conductor laser beams represents it's own set of problems.  Needless to say the least of those worries is "what the bond market is telling us."  The fact that that thing is stuck in Shangri-La (with both Knopfler and EmmyLou singing that most perfect of a duet no less) is just wonderful is it not?  But this does not sound an "all clear" for all you Cramerites out there.  No there is a problem of the "un reality of that other market too."  And name anyone who really likes a bull market in stocks?  I can name them all on almost one hand:  Cramer, Kudlow, me, the Calafi Beach Pundit and the beautiful "Callettes" named Mellisa Francis and Trish Reagan.  Rrrowww.  Aren't six fingered hands the best?  All seriousness aside:  "falling up is not natural" and tis true.  The idea that "P/E's can simply expand because the price of commodities are surging and the dollar is collapsing" is not a good investing ethos provided your goal is to "keep your shirt on."  We shall see if the "raging property speculators" will win the day with the Great Sphinxer Ben Bernanke.  Needless to say they have a corrupt Fed Governor from St Louis who is "pushing their agenda."  Indeed the writing really is on the wall for this election so these corrupt so called "banking officials" know "time is running short" and "it's now or never."  We shall see if they can convince Chairman Bernanke to "say something."  Needless to say they'd have a better chance with the blabber mouth Alan Greenspan!!  I guess if there's any good of it "it's a substitute for the biography."

Disclosure: Cramer really does have your back, provided you still have your shirt