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The Joseph Leiter Wheat Corner of 1897-98

Joseph Leiter was estimated to have lost up to 10 million dollars during the year he used the largest grain elevators in the world to cause the price of wheat to soar.  We will never know how much he lost since "bankers don't like to talk about it" which makes the current blabbing by our central bankers past rather striking.  No so called bankers will ever lose as much money as they have.  Joseph would later go on to found the "town of Zeilgler" which "he owned" and "ran as a barony."  This town produced "the world's finest bituminous coal" and the corner stone of the town whose design was "based on the design of Washington DC" was dated "2902."  Mr. Leiter explained the date as "because he was 1000 years ahead of his time."  Needless to say he was serious when he said that.  I relay this information not merely to remind you of what is going on not only in wheat today and nearly all other commodity as well and "what it really means when one bank rules the global economy."  (That would be the Hong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in my view.) I also relay it to show "our billionaires really aren't that rich and sure aren't this colorful" as well.  And of course the "L" in GLD investments stands for "Leiter."  I still know the family and they are as colorful today as their grand father though none that I know of "run the town because they own it."

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