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Price fixing "schemes" and "wringing out the inefficiency that is government"

With oil prices stuck in the 80's ("we're going to fix the price by making it high) and showing no signs of going anywhere the shakiness of the North American tranpsortation system outside of rails is a forgone conclusion.  We will get more information when Morgan Stanley tries to "pay itself back" when it launches its IPO of Swift Transportation which was filed only recently.  This is the largest trucking company in history and is quickly shrinking in size as will all the others.  The irony that this is occuring "at a time of free money" should not be lost on anyone.  Needless to say thanks to the financial infanticide that Wall Street "found itself caught up in" we have no domestic banking system from which to fall back upon.  Hence "disaster!" and "apocalypse!"  So what are institutions to do?  I think it is more like "what are they doing."  Since there is no inflation for the foseeable future, these institutions (which i define as universities, corporations and "not for profit entities" and unlike government which is destitute outside of the military) are flush with "trillions" This is a very unique circumstance and needless to say anyone saying they "saw treasuries soaring in value this year" is a liar.  That is VERY good for said institutions and ironically "very bad for government" since Uncle Salami which has only a spending program and is simply "going to bail out everybody."  That will mean of course state and local governments.  In short "the price will be fixed."  We already know what "price fixing is" when you see an actual price on an actual good.  In other words "that's the price."  It is "literally affixed to the good."  Needless to say "this is an outrage to government as well."   More generally though  "and what concnerns officialdom" is the "fixing of the prices of important things."  Most recently "it's LCD's" according the governor in waiting Andrew Cuomo.  Insterestingly "we only want the price of oil to go higher" according to the entire democratic party while at the same time "destroying the banking system with Wall Street's approval."  Apparently "watching t.v. is more important than eating."  Be that as it may these "schemes" can be anything but unsuccessful and needless to say "LCD's are the last place they'd be." 

Disclosure: long...STILL