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A "savage" recession or a "savage recovery"?

How do we go forward from here?  For average Americans I think they turn to their faith first.  Is that bad?  Is there something wrong with leadership turning to their faith as well?  And of course "that includes any faith" yes?  We need not discriminate among Gods in times like these, yes?  And can there be any greater expression of any faith than "a friend in need is a friend indeed"?  I've never heard of any better myself.  In short we may not "know" a Haitian and "what it means to be them" but if we have the ability don't we ultimately help ourselves?  Give ourselves a way forward?  I know if "you are a Haitian I can understand how you don't see the earthquake as a positive."  But I don't recall them "saying no to help" either.  And of course "in helping others aren't we providing a way forward for ourselves"?  I say yes.

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