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My bullish thesis is being undermined by politics

I've gotten my three legs on my stool of recovery:  protect the financial system through TARP (all money spent unfortunately--which wasn't the plan btw), drop the interest rates to zero to steepen the yield curve to give the banks confidence that we're not going to kill them and let the animal spirits rise with some quality M&A activity.  I have nothing in front of me that calls this the "Hank Paulson Plan" but that's what my interpretation of the "the point of what at first weren't bank bailouts."  And so now here I am feeling a lot less free, a lot less secure and having got "exactly what I wanted."  And what do i see "across the aisle"?  Two sides incapable of working on the issue of jobs PERIOD.  In short "we traded our recovery in for a continuation of the real estate bubble."  This was true on BOTH sides of the aisle as any Liberal from the Left Coast would tell you or any Conservative Southern Democrat.  As a New Yorker I never felt in an income or job security sense a postive to the tech bubble.  When it burst due to 9/11 however for the first time I finally felt the only form of economic security I have ever known.  With the end of George Bush it was the end of my personal economic freedom.  Now I am told "American terror is the best path to prosperity" and it appears to me to come from BOTH sides of the aisle with some "added zeal from the angry bulls."  I say "only God is the best path to properity" and "this guy in the picture up here went to Church on Sunday for a reason."  He "financed a spledid war" and needless to say he and Teddy both "thanked God that we won it."   Needless to say "I find nothing splendid about losing a war" but I am even more terrified of people who say "to Hell with peace and friends in need" while we're in the business of losing one.  Leaving aside the fact of "from whence comes the actual capital" of which I think without Bill Gross there wouldn't be a FRIGGIN' PENNY right now (and that issue is STILL in doubt, yes, yes?)--what is the point of threatening people who are dead already?  I can't think of a more perfect definition of "loser" in all the books of history.  Now I will agree "it was a mistake for Ranger General McChrystalStan to draw attention to himself."  But obviously I'M NO GENERAL.  So if you feel "i've drawn attention to myself and now you're gonna pay" is the reason this crazy tabbed spec 4 is doing this well, buddy--take a look over your shoulder because OBVIOUSLY i'm not the guy you're afraid of.   AND I'M NOT EVEN TRYING TO BE SCARY of course.  The irony of course is that from what i've actually advised and framed during the course of this year is IN ACTUALITY HELPFUL TO YOU.

Disclosure: The LK stands for LUCKY