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A Pirate looks at Forty (somethingish)

As any underpaid and underworked banker will tell you--housing never recovered so it can't double dip.  It can "dip lower" as the stock prices of "housing trusts" so clearly illustrate.  Yes, tis true "they have to pay taxes" so "that's no asset but a liability waiting for an actual person to move into just to really show you as such."  In the meantime "we have government."  So far they've done "moderately awful" at looking out for their number one.  Wall Street given the circumstance gets an "A+" with distinction!  Never has so many owed so much to so few!  As the "popping of parachutes" continue ("No, Rahm...I really do think you'd make a fine mayor...of ATHENS!") the question of "how long can the stock market celebrate the ruination of the 99%?"  The answer of course is a long, Long, LONG time.

Disclosure: wichita lookin' better by the minute!