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I made sure to put his face on the $1000 bill. Who am I?

My name is Grover Cleveland.  While the city of Cleveland wasn't named after me it was named after a relative of mine but they changed the spelling so I use to pretend it was.  Nobody really noticed the difference and i thought that was just great!  My best buddy was some guy who hated to have his picture taken.  Believe me "it wasn't because of his nose."  If you thought "I" had my face put on the $1000 dollar bill...THINK AGAIN!  Trust me...the boys at Treasury were VERY happy with my Presidency, at least the second go around...even though I was the only Democrat pretty much between Lincoln and Wilson.  My Dad died in a town called "Holland Patent, NY" and they say "my ideals carry on in that small town till this very day."  Whouda thunk "Grover Cleveland fanatics speak out in Holland Patent, NY and start spreadin' the word"!  This office is something else, let me tell ya.

Disclosure: don't mess with Cleveland, man