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Here comes "the first wave" of what could very well be an inflation hurricane.

The evidence is overwhelming and has been building for some time.  Real estate:  dead.  Small business:  dead.  the consumer:  dead.  Commodities?  Up for a DECADE.  Bonds are "over there" but stocks are "over here."  The latter doesn't have the luxury of "larding up on the shit."  Your government needless to say has been doing nothing but for as long as anyone can remember.  Did i celebrate the bond rally?  Of course.  Any rally is good news.  But of course it's what you DO with the money that matters.  The fact that premiums are soaring for health insurance in spite of one trillion on the table can only mean one thing:  complete failure.  How often can we go back to well?  Did we even have a well to begin with?  We had a financial collapse on Wall Street  and whether or not the banks needed to be bailed out "they had no problem taking the loan guarantees."  These were the same company officials who were taking 100 million dollar payouts during "the boom years."  This is sinful.  Clearly the American people are now beyond mere outrage and as well they should be.  But most importantly this is the bond MARKET we are financing our big government ways with.  The numbers have been reported CONSISTENTLY by the one you mock:  CalafiaBeachPundit.  He has been CONSISTENTLY saying "government employment is SHRINKING."  Perhaps your local pot dealer can celebrate but the "contradiction" of massive spending through the debt market and the fact that "it has amounted to nothing" is making your local school teacher wonder WTF?  With "quitings" running amok by the President's entire economic team that's your writing on the wall.  By the time the vandals "spell it out" it's too late.  They've already trashed your city.  In short:  thank God equities are rallying because at least we don't have the "direct price injection."  More to the point "if it keeps going commodity" is that the place you want it to be?  There are no guarantees that the dollar will STAY the world's reserve currency Mr. Geithner, yes, yes?  And "what's the return inflation adjusted" anyways?  STILL looks like shit.

Disclosure: indiscreet.