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Heavy Paper can equal Heavy Metal any day now so consider yourself warned

I joke around.  I express scary thoughts.  A verbalize a threat or two...I tell you what, if you're in this market and can walk away with your underpants still on "you've won."  The purpose of all this aggression is to get you in the time and space you are in no matter your investing ethic.  We are in a shooting war.  Welcome to its rhetorical equivalent.  To date "this is pop gun stuff."  With our economy an absolute wreck we as Americans can quickly be confronted by situations that are far beyond our collective ability to be "empowered" by.  The language I use merely "gives you an idea of the game."  Go me a threat but know this....the real thing is coming for ya' and it will be guys like me who will be the difference not only between you living and you dying but between you "holding on to your underpants" or "blowing another billion."  That's right:  these are BILLIONAIRES who are in trouble.  RIGHT NOW.

There are two specific heavy metal threats and if you are either the investor yourself or being "managed" by one who claims to be if they don't know these two threats then buster, you need a new plan and a new planner and you need him now.  (GLD investments, Holland Patent, NY 13354.  Custodial accounts through the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking corporation)  These two immediate dangers to your investing portfolio are called "Israel" and "the Korean Peninsula."  In the parlance of security talk they are called "flash points" and they can explode at any time into total war.  You at Seeking Alpha and Zero Hedge know another of these flashpoints as Greece.  I pointed out to in real time to anyone with money who cares "here it comes" and it came.  That's called bona-fides and I did it to prove a point.  I know what I'm talking about. Obviously what passes for "financial journalism" today STILL isn't talking about it.  Did you listen to me or them?  If you are still listening to them you could wind up losing everything.  Are you listening to me now?  If you are not then obviously at a MINIMUM money is still fleeing your wallet.  (Just in case you think this is "over there" stuff btw--there's another flashpoint called "El Paso, Texas."  You hear about it in the news as "Ciudad Juarez.")  Suffice to say but for the United States Navy I would argue we are powerless to do anything about protecting our troops who are already on the ground in South Korea and who might as well be and indeed should be in Israel right now.  Just in case you're wondering "we've been at total war going on 10 years now" buster so HERE'S YOUR WAKE UP CALL.  AGAIN.

Remember how those fires blazed at the Pentagon after 9/11?  Were you thinking "someone needs to put those fires out"?  They kept burning and burning and burning and burning.  Eventually the fires died out.  We never put them out with all of DC's finest at the ready and working.  I want you to remember that feeling.  I want you to think of that thought when being disgusted or outraged by my language.  There isn't going to be anything pretty or civilized about "how to make money" going forward from here on out.  Your "policy leaders" have guaranteed that.  AS WELL however I want you as I have done AS WELL to "keep an open mind" about things.  Should you consider GLD investments as an alternative to what you have been presented that is what I offer you.  Obviously I offer a "no bullshit" view of the rough and ready abyss we are plunging into and I will not stop from speaking about it LITERALLY in those terms either here or at Zero Hedge.  It's how the world is...and it's how what the authorities and your oh so smooth talking investment advisor don't want you to see it.  Life is short, brutish and nasty.  Don't let your wealth end up that way.

Disclosure: A President lived in Holland Patent NY. He put America on the Gold Standard.