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Going long Chicago

There's sense and then there's sensibility.  The "bility" part is critical.  It means you can act on your sense.  I see Discover Card.  I see Sears.  I see US Foodservice.  I see Walgreens.  I see Accenture.  I see Pepsi.  I see Nissan.  I see Catepillar.  I see HSBC.  I see McDonalds.  More to the point I see all these companies able to "get 'er done" which when combined with the intelligence gathered through the CME on commodities and treasuries can provide the "confidence" (read liquidity) to power these fortunes to new heights.  I also see one of the most beautiful and best run cities in the world.  And of course "they have Oprah."  I have been told if I am to have any hope in this world I'll need to be spoken to by her. 

Disclosure: still holding but God forbid if a shooting war breaks out