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Does Ben Bernanke deserve re-appointment? Short Answer...No!


It is widely popular to assume that the crisis, as severe as it is to this point(20 trillion dollars of wealth destruction), would have been significantly worse without Chairman Bernanke's skillful, calming, and transparent aura. I'm bewildered how we can so easily assume the crisis would have been worse without 'Gentle Ben', but did Mr. Bernanke signal any type of warning declaring impending financial meltdown before we hit the infamous credit iceberg? No he did not! He like every political pundit stood back aghast at the horror of it all. If I don't burn down your house, will you make me fire marshal? Seriously, it's time we go in a new direction.


It's as if we are giving a pass to failure, because we can't disprove complete annihilation. If this is not absurd, then please consider ALL the ramifications of this logic. Let's stick to the facts.....until they change alas Mr.Paulson.....we ARE experiencing a financial meltdown, we are experimenting with public policy, and we are at best holding our own. Is that enough proof to allow Mr. Bernanke to run the federal reserve. Do we not have enough proof of longevity myopia....I present you with Alan Greenspan. It is imperative that we consider a new slate of possible successors to Mr. Bernanke. We glorified Mr. Greenspan for 18 years, only to run into his mea culpa faux pas statement made under duress no less. For those who do not wish to chance a mistake of leadership.....have you observed the economic landscape lately? Are you telling me without reservation new insights are not desired or warranted?


Are we going to wait around for the next political pundit to say....we were totally blind sided by blah,blah,blah! Seriously, let's send Mr. Bernanke back to his profession. Sometimes your best player is revealed through injury. Unless you subscribe to the rule a starter can't lose his job because of injury, then it's way past time to make a change at the federal reserve.


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