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Wall Street Brokerage Firms Raked In Billions In Fees Last Quarter

In the most recent quarter, Wall Street brokerage firms brought in billions in fees and commissions. Do the clients of these firms realize they are the sole source of these massive profits?

I doubt it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a profit when you provide some kind of service or value. I know when I buy a suit, there is profit built in, that's ok, I cannot make a suit. I know when I visit the doctor, he and others make a tidy sum off me but that's ok, I cannot diagnose illness.

The same is not true of your financial guy. He provides little, if any value and takes a massive fee for doing so.

Investing is alot easier than you have been led to believe, its neither difficult nor time consuming.

Put your investments in the hands of the person who cares about it most - YOU !!!