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It's Really Hard To Beat The Market

|Includes: SPY, Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF (VTI)

A larger percentage of professional money managers, traders and investors are finding out that its becoming more and more difficult to beat the market (S&P 500) or VTI.  The accepted figure that 90% of professionals cannot beat the S&P 500 with any regularity is probably low.  I think this is largely because individual stocks have increasingly become part of a group and are bought and sold because of their grouping rather than on their own financial merits.  While this has always been true, the explosion of ETF's has hastened this phenomenon and made it very difficult to beat a simple low fee ETF such as VTI.
Accepting the fact that over 90% of professional money managers, stockbrokers and financial advisors cannot beat the S&P 500 and that wonderful information is readily available on sites such as Seeking Alpha, I wonder why individuals continue to pay fees for underperformance?

Disclosure: VTI, SPX