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The Market Ahead!

|Includes: Dell Inc. (DELL), JCP, PPSI, SIRI, YELP

Good evening traders, Im excited to get back into my fund and start trading again. I've learned so much, personally and professionally. I wanted to talk about my trades for the next week as I see them, both technically, and based on years of market analysis that as much as Id like to say I learned on my own, mostly was taught to me from years of working at the largest investment firm in America (at the time).

I'm looking to short DELL if it breaks below $14.15. According to the IDC, world-wide PC shipments fell 14%. Yes, I said it right, that's WORLD-WIDE, not just the US. Now DELL hasn't done anything corporate-wide to delegate a 14% decline in business so you would have to revalue the stock at least 5% below current market value. I put a price target of DELL at $13.27 eventually.

Im looking to BUY JCP if it breaks above $14.16. JCP has been such an up and down story, first they lost the Martha Stewart line, then their CEO and now their former CEO is back in action--I definitely feel JCP is too cheap to pass up, and generally when a CEO is replaced, he will have some exciting news for the companies turnaround--that's why they hired him in the first place right? Look for a BIG move on JCP soon.

TEWI.OB, if you read my article on Tagg Like Me, this is just another pump and dump penny stock that already got its PUMP and now your just waiting for an eventual crash of the stock to $0. Just look at their SEC filing and find their "ENERGY" headquarters to be located in an office off the highway it the back. Then also look at their only promotion is from PAID sources they created themselves. Also, any website that puts "Investor Relations" on their site is because they are required to do so by the SEC so they don't get sued when they crash to the ground, these things are so easy to spot, just read a few SEC filings. Im going to short about $5,000 worth in the morning when the market opens.

SIRI, another NEW CEO story, look for the stock to hit a new high. People love SIRI, and the price is too cheap for traders to pass-up. Im going to take 1000 shares in the morning if it opens in the GREEN.

BAC, looks like by next Friday could hit $13.00. This is strictly a chart pattern play because I day-trade this stock often.

YELP, looks like will eventually hit $26.49. This was a great $1,000 play for me today, and it looks like $26.49 is a great price target for this loved stock! Don't trade it when there's no volume. Follow the volume moves on this one!

Those are my trades for this coming week and next week among a few others. Remember most of my trades are 1000 shares per transaction, which is roughly $18,000 to $20,000 per trade.