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A Top Quality Acquisition

Quality. I know it when I see it.

Many years ago I read a book entitled I Know It When I See It: A Modern Fable About Quality that illustrates how difficult it is to identify and describe a quality product or service and that many times it is easier to describe poor quality.

Today we announced that we will acquire Packet Island, a leader in Quality of Service (QoS) assurance for both VoIP and Video services. Our rationale for this acquisition is simple; we feel that quality is critical for the evolution of our industry and that being able to deliver a cost effective way for our carriers to ensure quality is important. It might be hard to describe a high quality voice call, but we can all describe the attributes (and frustration) of a poor quality call. Clearly, one of the remaining obstacles to convincing customers to move to VoIP and Video communications is their concern about how well they will hear and see the other person.

When we witnessed Packet Island’s power to first qualify the ability of a customer’s network to run voice and video and then to monitor and identify possible problems in both the LAN and WAN, we knew we had to make it a part of the BroadSoft solution. This complete lifecycle assessment and monitoring approach will ensure that our customers can deliver superior, quality service to their customers.

The second exciting part of this acquisition is the service delivery method, which is a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This approach does not require a major investment by our customers to get started, so we can quickly deliver the service to them and make an immediate, positive impact on our industry. This is a first for BroadSoft, expanding from our networked base BroadWorks solutions to a cloud- based service. This is an exciting new way for us to deliver value, and we will continue to explore other cloud-based services that will benefit our customers.

Finally, I want to personally welcome Praveen Kumar, Packet Island’s founder, and his team to BroadSoft. I know their expertise will quickly contribute to the growth of our business.