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|Includes: Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX)

RPRX has released 3 PR within the past month, July 1, 7, and 23. 

Each PR releasing a little bit more information that is supposed to help explain the prior PR. What is revealed is information that was well known to the company but not forthcoming to the shareholders. Instead, each PR reveals more damning and damaging information. 

On July 1, RPRX PR announces LFT 3X > ULN, a significant finding in any clinical trial. The omissions of this PR are glaring and discussed previously. 

On July 7, RPRX PR in an attempt to further quantify the LFT changes lists the number found and significantly that there was resolution of ALL adverse LFT changes. 

On July 23, RPRX PR takes a 180-degree turn by announcing that the LFT changes are not resolved, in a clear contradiction to the July 7 PR, but, further includes the date, June 26, for their letter to the FDA regarding the LFT changes. RPRX knew of the LFT changes before their July 1 PR. It is a sure bet that they knew well before June 26. 

RPRX share price is tanking. Since the $7.19 closing price on June 30, RPRX share price now stands at $2.55. This is a precipitous drop by any definition, ~65% fall in slightly more than 3 weeks. 

Why is there no CC to explain the LFT changes, further studies done according to FDA Guidance, PR discrepancies, PR contradictions, plans for continuation of trials, significance to phase 2 Endometriosis trials (the treatment arms included only 28 for both 25 and 50 mg, evenly divided between each), and much more? At the very minimum, a CC might allay some shareholder anxiety. The compelling and obvious reasons for no CC are the answers are bad for RPRX.