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RPRX Majority Holder: Efficacy Capital Ltd [Lappe & Kayyem]

|Includes: Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX)
Efficacy Capital Ltd is listed in MFFAIS (Mutual Fund Facts About Individual Stocks). Link: MFFAIS - Efficacy Capital Ltd: The numbers represented appear incorrect. At least for Efficay, they should hope or prey they are wrong. 

They show a base value of Base Value: $303,277,415 and Current Value: $97,699,214 for a Change: $-205,578,201 and Performance: -67.78 %. 

This has to be one of the worst performing funds known. What is strange is the total funds in the list are limited to RPRX. Osmetech is another investment, which trades on the London Exchange. This investment has been discussed on the iHub board. It is small, being under $10 million. From all that I have read, Efficacy does not manage hundreds of millions of dollars. In fact, the information describing Kayyem [ ] where he is a principal states, “The Efficacy Biotech Fund, which he co-manages, currently has $70 million in assets under management.” The bottom line is that Efficacy has some real investment concerns. 

By this they have about 50% in RPRX. Their RPRX investment shows a disastrous 75% loss. The MFFAIS shows a loss of ~$29 million on an original $38 million investment. This is a bit more than my calculations. I calculate a loss of ~$23 million on a $32 million investment. In both cases, it is an enormous loss! 

It seems they are cornered. They [RPRX] need come up with $6 million by September 30 to retain the NIH license. How much can they lose before finally coming to their senses?