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RPRX Obituary

|Includes: Repros Therapeutics Inc. (RPRX)

Although it appears the writing is on the wall regarding the future of RPRX, I am one not to write them off so soon. Lappe has a $30 million loss. I do not think he is all that willing to go easily into the night. 

The next piece of news should be the 2Q09 10-Q. In the past ten years, the release of the 10-Q has been between August 3-14. The 10-Q expectation is to show about $5 million cash on hand with current liabilities of about $7 million. The current liabilities might be somewhat less depending on when they began to scale back the Proellex trials. Obviously, the cash burn now is down to G&A alone. 

The August 3 PR states they will discuss the future of the Proellex program with the FDA in late September. They are required to have $6 million in financing by September 30 to maintain the NIH licensing agreement. These two events do not appear to be reconcilable. However, RPRX has come out with some surprising PR over the past month so anything is possible.