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Shameless Peddling of a Summer Rally & Stock Market Recovery for the American Economy & GE

|Includes: BRK.A, BRK.B, GE, TheStreet, Inc. (TST)

Anyone watching CNBC over the past few weeks obviously has noticed the subversive and shameless solicitation of the GE stock ownership "opportunity". Also in an effort to induce increases in stock value of GE are the constant flashes of the the "Summer Rally" being flashed upon the screen and how "POSITIVE" the spin has been from the broadcasters. The network no longer appears to be reporting the news, but is now committed to directing the market for their own benefit. The journalists, broadcasters, and network appears to have lost their grasp on objectivity and independence. I lost count of how many times a day the station's personalities hawk the stock of GE. The recurring references to the stock and to the recovery appear to be a necessity in order for the company to remain solvent. Please mark the date that GE made the deal with Warren Buffet, as the date the deal was made with the devil. In order to pay Buffet's "fee" for his investment in the conglomerate. The Warren and Becky interviews have become mainstays of the network and opportunities for Warren to advance his quest to rule the capitalist world. It appears as though Cramer is not immune either, from the shameless selling of the recovery for his own personal gain. Does anybody really believe that Cramer does his show, the books,, and anything else he does for anyone's benefit other than himself?  Will someone please step up and present the balanced view.... History will repeat itself like the months following the creash of 1929 - time will tell,  and GE, Buffet, and Cramer will laugh their way all the way to the bank....OOOPPPPSSS - Warren already owns the bank... The federal reserve board should be held accountable for the gross negligence and willful neglect they have imposed upon the banking system and American public. Bernie Madoff is a saint compared to this group. Folks this is a recession, stop following and draw your own conclusions from your own reliable, objective resources.