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How to Start Off in Share Trading – Guide for Beginner

If you are planning to enter the field of share trading then it is imperative to understand the basics. In fact, to understand and master anything it is required that a person knows and understands the basics first. For an example, even as a kid all of us first learnt the alphabets and then words and finally sentences. Talking about the basics here in terms of trading, it is important to understand the market. Once you understand the market, the trends, the tricks and the secrets then you should start with little amount of money first. The best way to know the basics of share trading is to work under someone before you can actually start independently.

There are rules and regulations and as a new investor it is important to follow them. When looking out for a mentor, do not select anyone blindly. It is advisable that one should do some review checking and reference check before you actually start working under someone. This is important as these initial learning days will actually decide the course of your journey in share trading market. Once, after taking feedbacks from various people in the market, you decide on someone then approach that person and be open to his ideas and advices he offers. Probability of you committing mistakes and your mentor telling you about them is more so it is required that you show some patience. Post this, one can slowly and steadily start off buying and selling shares independently with suggestions from the mentor. It is highly advisable that a new investor should not spend a lot of money in buying and selling shares. Initially, the money can be considered as spare money should be used for this purpose.

One should be ready to spend a lot of time in the market. Yes, online share trading is pretty popular now – a – days but it is for vintage and experienced people. For new investors, it is always suggested that they should spend more and more time in the market as there are any experienced investors there and one learns a lot from their talks and experience. New traders should also think of the tax implications of share trading. Yes, the earnings are taxable and you can be questioned about the money you spent in buying shares as well. So, these things should be kept in mind. In order to avoid any problems, one can appoint a financial advisor if you are involved in big transactions.

Apart from a mentor, a lot of feedbacks should be processed before choosing the broker as he is the guy who suggests and get tips in long course. This broker takes a certain percentage of the transactions as a fees and this is decided before he agrees to be your broker. So, with these few initial baby steps, one can surely start up his career in financial market and earn big profits. Patience and hard work is required at all the times.

Disclosure: UK and US stock have a long way to rise.