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How To Take Care Of Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Jul. 03, 2020 5:14 AM ET
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Nothing satisfies more than being your own boss. You get to choose what needs to be done and when. What they, however, don’t tell you is that being an entrepreneur is, and can be tough. Although you might not have a boss ‘barking’ orders on your face, the market pushes you to work even harder. Many have had to work for days and all-week around just to make ends meet; leave alone ensuring everything is done right. Such can be draining not only physically, but both emotionally and mentally. The only way your business can be successful and stay sane without overworking yourself is by getting your priorities right, and practicing self-care. Here are a few tips and tricks on how entrepreneurs can take care of themselves.

1. Take A Whole Day Of Rest Every Week

Although you may have a push to do better than your competition, taking time to unplug at least once per week is good for your health and productivity. Unplugging from work-related stress helps rejuvenate both the body and mind, giving you a better chance to tackle the next week’s challenges and events. Experts recommend walking away from work-related tasks for one full day in a week. You can choose to use the time in the company of your family and friends, away from the office. For those working from home, taking a day trip with friends or family would be a positive move too.

2. Switch Off Your Phone

Learn to make yourself unavailable by turning your phone off on your ‘resting’ day. As counterproductive as this may seem, having the phone on all day and all kinds of work-related messages and notifications buzzing in will only make it harder to stop thinking about work. If possible, let your callers know you are unavailable during such days. It is thus, for this reason, many would recommend using the weekend as your time off from work. Turning your phone off, or on silent-mode, for the rest of the day will help reduce distractions and any disturbances that come with it. You can, therefore, use this time to destress, refocus your inner energies, as well as appreciate those around you.

3. Learn To Separate Personal Life From Work

As mentioned before, the entrepreneur is the sole captain of the ship. He/she has to steer the business in whichever direction they wish to. This can, however, be too much to handle, forcing you to work even when at home. While it may seem like a feasible thing to do, bringing work at home, and spending much of your time (at home) working only means you never have a personal life. Learn to separate your work life from personal life if looking to succeed. Concentrating too much on work will mean no personal life, which again, will hurt those you love.

It is relatively easy to draw a life between work and personal life. You could choose to leave everything work-related in the office while at home, and never taking any work-related calls. Train yourself to leave the computer, phone, or any devices you use at work in the office while at home, on a date, or teaching your kid how to ride a bike. Such boundaries will prove fruitful and worthwhile later on in life.

4. Put On Some Physical Exercise

Thanks to technology, an entrepreneur can do all that is required of his/her business without ever setting foot out of the door. Digital devices such as computers and smartphones make it possible to work at home, in the comfort of your sofa, or at the office desk for hours. While this may not seem like a big deal, the real problems start later on in life, all because you didn’t exercise enough. The human body isn’t designed to be stationary for days. A bit of exercise is needed to help keep blood flowing and for muscle toning. Keeping fit and healthy is important, so is planning for medical expenses that may occur, Medisupps offer supplement health plans to ensure that you are covered.

Physical activity is an excellent stress reliever too. Putting on some strenuous activity every day, be it a few minutes in the gym, jogging in the morning, lifting weights, taking the stairs on your way to work, or going for a swim a few times in a week, will go a long way in maintaining a healthy physical and mental wellbeing. Just look for an exercise that works best for you.

5. Set Your Priorities Right

It is the dream of every entrepreneur to build an empire out of his/her business. As important as this is, your health should always come first. It doesn’t make sense to build a successful business at the cost of your health. Many entrepreneurs have been able to build successful companies only to succumb to anxiety, depression, and other psychological health issues. Having your priorities right and knowing just when to take a break, when to work hard, and when to let others help is key to a successful and happy life. Your family should come first, then the business. Learn to create time for yourself and surround yourself with love from those you adore the most. This will keep you energized and strong enough to take on any challenge you come across.

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