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Learning A Simple Day Trading Strategies For Big Profits

Sep. 19, 2021 4:27 PM ET1 Comment
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Have you ever wondered how the super traders who can put up a trade in the morning and get it sold by afternoon make so much money? One of the most important things that you must have is simple day trading strategies. This is the only way that you will be able to make consistent profits in the forex market, while trading forex. This is where you will execute trades while keeping your costs down. It is the difference between a losing streak and winning. 

Also, we must remember that one of the benefits of the forex market is that brokers allow traders to trade with a large amount of leverage, thus with a small amount of investment, you can trade a large account using the broker's money.

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Following the Trend

The most important tip when it comes to simple day-trading strategies is to know what trend you are going to follow. There are two types of trend patterns. The first is a simple breakout, which you can use to pick up a trade within a minute. This is also known as the 'trend reversal'. The second trend pattern is called the continuation pattern, and this can be used to trade for hours on end.

The best simple day trading strategies involve a combination of price action and technical analysis. Technical analysis looks at the history of the market and uses it to predict what the price of a particular currency pair will be in the near future. For instance, if you are thinking about the EUR/USD pair, you would look at the past price action and see if there has been a major price movement recently. There might have been a big move up or down in the past, but there might not be any sign of these movements in the price data. When you use this information, you can then work out what the chances are of a change in the market conditions in the next few minutes.

This information tells you how strong the sellers are and how weak the buyers are. If the sellers have a lot of cheap long term capital and the buyers are holding on to their more valuable short term financial instrument, this is a good time for you to enter the market. However, if the Sellers have a lot of long term capital and the Buyers are holding on to their more valuable short term financial instrument, this is not such a good time for you to enter the market because the Sellers could lock in the profit before you can make your move.

Using a Personal Trading Style

As a trader, your success or failure is based on your own personal trading style and on your own intuition. Some people are naturally gifted in this area, while others need to study much more information about the financial instruments they are trading. There are many books and websites available to help you learn more about simple day trading strategies. You can also use many of the free online tutorials that teach you more about making profitable trades in the markets.

Once you know which direction the market is moving, you need to be able to determine how strong that trend is. Traders usually either use a candlestick chart or a simple day trading strategy that involves the use of moving averages. The moving averages are a simple strategy that involves the use of a particular price range and will help you determine how strong the current trend is. This information can then help you decide what to do with the current trend to make it more favorable for you.

Many traders today have been looking for a simple day trading strategy that works for them. This is most definitely not the case. There are many variables involved when trading the stock market. It takes a great deal of knowledge to be able to decipher what factors go into setting up and closing your position as well as knowing when it's best to exit a trade as opposed to taking an opposite approach. For this reason, a number of day traders have taken to using indicators in their system of trading so that they can better chart and analyze the data before actually entering into a trade.

Applying a Trend Indicator

One of the simplest and most effective strategies when it comes to day trading is the trend indicator. Trend indicators are simple day trading strategies that take into consideration the basic principle of supply and demand. By utilizing a trend line, you can examine the range of prices over a given time frame. If the price has an upward sloping line, this indicates that the supply of the underlying asset is increasing and if the price has a downward sloping line, this indicates that there is a decreasing supply of the underlying asset. You can utilize trend lines to make trades on stocks, commodities and foreign currencies.

Another one of the simple day trading strategies that most traders fail to recognize is price movement strength. Price movements are cyclical and most traders fail to recognize that they often repeat themselves. This means that price movements are predictable within certain range unless the market is experiencing some outside disturbance such as a hurricane or recession. In these instances price movements can become erratic and traders can run the risk of being caught off guard and having a large loss.

Avoiding a Price Action

Finally, another one of the simple day trading strategies that most traders avoid is price action. In order to make profitable trades, traders must understand the signals that price movements send out. These signals may be in the form of "oscillations" where price continues to move in the same direction for a predetermined amount of time. More importantly price movements often repeat themselves within these boundaries and when they do so the trader should take note of this fact. It is also important to realize price movement can only occur for a limited amount of time and once that limit is met the trend will reverse back to where it began.

One of the most important of all the simple trading strategies is being able to set a stop-loss effectively and efficiently. The trader who is able to set a stop-loss effectively will stand a much better chance of avoiding expensive losses. When a trader uses these basic trading strategies they often overlook setting stop-loss in their trading strategies which causes them to be unable to manage their profits in an effective manner.

In Conclusion

As stated earlier, this trading strategy is easy to follow but very effective. Yet, before you as a trader, start trade forex and use this trading strategy, be sure to develop your own effective trading plan. This trading plan is the backbone of the successful trader and it must be clearly defined as part of your daily routine. By developing your own effective trading strategy you are ensuring that you are well on your way to becoming a very successful day trader.

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