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Smart Money

Hi Traders,

Thanks for checking out at my blog.

This is a quick video of how sometimes the "smart money" tips their hand to let you know what they are doing or planning to do. Their are a few different ways to tell, but watching the options market is one of the easiest. An options chart is usually very ugly and not smooth at all which is the reason I don't show my option trades because they're strictly based on price and situation. This is one of those situations.

Please don't mistake this video as the Holy Grail because conditions and situations do change quickly if the smart money does not get the results they're looking for rather quickly, but usually you can take it to the bank. When they are about to sell or purchase a large order that they know will move the market. They will typically go to the options and futures market to add Icing to the cake. Why would'nt they,,,, They have access to this privledged information and they can and will pad their own pockets in the process. Why not pad yours too This situation can be seen quickly by using the Thinkorswim platform.

Anyway, I hope you guys that trade stocks and futures can get something outta this. Sorry forex guys, unless theirs a huge forex option market. This won't work for you.

Happy Trading