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Kudos to the RV Industry's PR Folks

I love PR and forecasts masquerading as news.  Did you know that RV sales apparently foreshadow an end to the recession?  So it appears from a Bloomberg TOP news story today entitled "Elkhart's RV Rebound May Show Recession Exit on Trailer Sales."  Of course, there is nothing in the article except an assertion from an advisor to a RV manufacturer startup to back up a claim that a pickup in RV sales historically has been a forerunner to recession exits.  And there is only ancedotal evidence that a pickup has begun.  For example, some nights the Red Roof Inn in Elkhart is filled with truckers who haul RVs.  Indicator, maybe.  What there is in the article are wonderful statements such as these (emphasis mine):

"Industrywide deliveries MAY rise in 2010 to end a three-year decline. . ."


"By year's end, those shipments SHOULD show their first monthly gain since October, 2007. . ."

Either one believes it is a slow start to the news week for this to make a "TOP" story or the person who got this placed deserves a big bonus.