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This certainly isnt How I workd...

wsj/smartmoney on advisors who fall into the behavioral finance trap they're supposed to steer clients away from

"Is your adviser still gun-shy when it comes to stocks and riskier assets? While it's difficult to pinpoint what is "too conservative," when an adviser makes radical changes to a portfolio following a major event that's a cause for concern, says Lutton. Instead, look for consistent advice over time, says Warne. She says a good adviser should constantly discuss the mix of equities and fixed income. If they are reacting to hot trends, they are likely to talk about a different investment each time -- instead of the overall portfolio."

Over at index universe ETF "expert" Matt Hougan is starting to develop a track record as a contrary indicator. His  Monday March 7 post was entitled
XLE is the only thing working 

In the course of one week March 4 -11 XLE - 6.3%, SP 500 -1.9%

sha sha to the mot