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Attention dividend zealots: You cant pull Inflation+4% Without Your Account Balance

Here's the calculation articl to come perhaps as early as sunday.

All the numbers can be easily found by googling be sure to use total return for the s+p alhough vti is better to use.I only use the later or DFQTX but only people with certain advisors can buy dfqtx. A later article will explain my allocation choices.

S+P/VTI/DFQTX total return

+ whatever number you want to use for your  out outperformance which of course is consistent and happens every year

- CPI+4%

If the sume is negative that is the amount you must withdraw from the account balance

now since you dont believe it read the above again

TWR and Account Balance are the only things that matter esp in retirement and since you plan to spend the dividend the dividend reinvestment will stop.

I know many of you aren't 100 equity so just add the AGG return to the equity return multiplied by your allocation, If its negative you still have to touch the account balance

More to come by monday with historical data going back at least 30 yeas.