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Just when we thought we were out..

That markets rise and fall is one thing we know for sure – the other thing we know for sure is that hedge funds are here to stay. That’s right: The demise of the hedge fund industry has been highly overstated.

New funds are starting up, assets are pouring in and managers are spreading out. And while the champagne is not yet flowing, things are shaping up nicely in the industry in the wake of Dodd-Frank and the aftermath of the credit crisis. All is not well yet– it will take some more time– but my prediction is that 2011 will see a resurgence of the hedge fund industry. The recent news about returns is good and it seems that the public pensions that have been investing in hedge fund for years are quite happy with the returns the managers are delivering.  READ THE STORY HERE

That being said, there is still a lot of work to be done. Last week, during the first HEDGEAnswers’ call of the season, we discussed a number of the new rules that directly affect hedge funds. The “z” factor, if you will, is the additional findings that Congress will be studying as part of the Dodd-Frank bill. A number of studies will be launched in the next few months and the findings could severely affect the way the hedge fund industry operates. We aren’t out of the woods yet!

Regardless of what happens with additional legislation and regulation, the hedge fund industry is here to stay. You can bet on it. 


News stories about billionaires’ shoes. The New York Post ran a story last week about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s shoes, or lack thereof. The story said the Mayor, who is worth $18 billion, according to Forbes, only has two pairs of shoes he wears to the office. The Post chose to run with this “exclusive” about his shoes instead of devoting and significant ink about how he is taking away our freedoms. Last week, he proposed banning smoking in parks, beaches and other public places in order to save ourselves from ourselves. The mayor in his infinite wisdom continues to construct a Nanny State and the people don’t seem to care. Where is the outrage – I guess shoes trump freedoms, at least in the eyes of the editors at the Post.

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