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Using Vacant Home Staging to Effectively Sell a Property

Every realtor knows that when it comes to selling a property, one that is lived-in and furnished is a great deal easier to bring to market than one that is not.  When viewing a vacant property, prospective buyers see a cold and uninviting home that has little in the way of character and as a result, the property ranks low on both a conscious and sub-conscious level.  As a result, this is often reflected in offers as well as the time it takes to sell the property.

One solution to this is to utilize vacant home staging services.  This can bridge the  perception gap from seeing a cold and uninviting property and change that into a warm and welcoming environment.  This means that realtors in most cases can sell a well-staged property very quickly, as by staging vacant homes realtors can ensure that viewers to the property will feel an emotional connection and subsequently be highly likely to put in an attractive offer.

When it comes to staging vacant home properties, many realtors and home owners actually try to finance the furnishing of a property themselves.  Often ending up spending several thousand dollars, this expense is unnecessary when utilizing the services of well-equipped and professional vacant home staging services.  A home staging expert can ensure that your home gets the furniture it needs to sell well in its target market.  Often, home stagers have access to furniture that is well beyond the average price point for the typical home owner, so by choosing home staging you can ensure that your property looks the best that it possibly can.

Staging vacant home need not be costly or expensive.  It is a well-known fact that professional vacant home staging done well can add thousands to the selling price of a property and without professional home staging services, potential buyers often do not emotionally link with the property or perceive it as a choice.  In many occasions, vacant properties are seen as a last case scenario, which as a result, are often sold for less or take significant time to find a buyer.

The stresses added by selling a vacant home are abundantly clear.  In many occasions, the sellers have just moved from one property into another and with the added cost of having to pay for two properties, home staging is often low on the list of priorities.  However, when you consider the change in selling price to your vacant property, hiring a good staging vacant home expert should be seen as a requirement and at the top of a seller’s list.  After all, the worst-case scenario is that home staging will pay for itself and the best case? Try for yourself and see how many thousands you can add to your home’s value.

Anne Bourne and her team from StagingWorks provide vacant home staging services in the greater Toronto area.  Their goal is to increase the value and their staging vacant home services can ensure that your property gets the price it deserves. Anne has been featured as a home staging expert in the newspapers the National Post and the Globe and Mail, and on the television shows City TV News and On The Money.