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Just finished calculating all the price movement from 8/5/09,  then I recalculated the closing compression angles from 998.00 up to 1012.00 then down to 1002.50 and up on the close, on a different chart.

Today’s price action was self correcting, meaning the numbers factored out.

We’re heading up to 1032.00.   

It appears we head down first before the push up, but this is not completely clear. All Downward movements between1006.75 to 1008.50 should be bought. Below 1006.00 close all long positions.

I’m not sure if this move up to 1032.00 is one or two movements, it depends on the current price action.

If we head down now to the 1006.75 to 1008.75 region, this move up should be in one movement, if we head up from current levels, it will be in 2 or maybe 3 movements.  In the event the market heads straight up from current levels, price ranges are limited to 1017.50 (right now) inclining 0.25 pts every 120 minutes.  


Sorry about this, the market threw me a curve ball.

 In addition the compression hole still exists.