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We finally have good trading lines, its been well over a month we’ve had poor lines/angles

13747 is the BB

we’ve developed a mini Complex C/T (running not flat)

still early

once its clear what happens at 13747 (60m)

I’ll be updating again in 30 minutes



Now Term: until 5:00EST

We reached 1610.20

1632.30 is the resistance pivot

Failing to trade above the pivot; I’m looking for down to 1590.00/1587.20

Trading above the pivot

Then 1645/1646 is the next resistance

The key on all upside moves

1st - 1632.30

2nd – 1666.60


Bigger picture: Weekly close

Failing to trade above the key compression gap at 1621.40

Takes us down to 1490.80; although first stop is at 1544.30