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GOLD: a clear message -



I’m now on the sidelines

I aggressively traded the crude up from 10/20

And briefly (small position) shorted the ES at 1254.25 already took profit;

The Equities are difficult, nor have I traded them much the last few days; crude was ten times easier; Gold could well be the next easy trade.

I’m waiting on Gold; to see if it holds; it should

If it holds its up, up and away.

Meaning if it reaches 1750/1760ish

It continues up to 2130 to 2312

Gold is telegraphing us this; Gold up (also USD) Euro down, equities down

Means the EU rescue package for Greece is in jeopardy, or in other words a Greek default is upon us.  

I’m going fishing; I’m taking my lap tops; when I get to the River I’ll update again.