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We pulled back in accordance to the last update



Normally we would see a pullback at 1266.50; but in light of the closure of the compression detachment we may not see any pullback until 1273.50/1274.25


The pullback is attracted to reach 1252.50/1252.75; although getting through 1257.00 to 1259.25 appears to be a difficult chore;

Wonderful news yesterday, although they forgot to mention one little detail; how are they planning to pay for all of this; China; maybe; but if that occurs; then down the road the EU unemployment jumps drastically; in light of the potential trade agreements between China and the EU.

Keynote: this recent rally (U.S. equities) was based on the European situation and solutions, nothing could be more erroneous then that, if that were true; then why is the Euro dramatically lagging the U.S. Equity market.