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S.P. mini’s (ESU9)

We need to look at this major pattern in order to discern where we currently are and will be.

Long Term:

Clearly Compression is Pointing Up.

C/T (Compression Tank) from11/08 

(Remember compression tanks are like diesel engines running on fumes alone, which in turn creates the compression, slowly filling the empty tank)

Equalizer: 872.00

Up Price Target: 1262.25 

Down Price Target: 481.50

This major pattern has created this minor pattern which is the following:

RCT (reverse compression tunnel) from 3/09

Equalizer: 864.75 (912.00 red line)

Down Price Target: 789.00 (864.75 red line)

Up Price Target 1040.75 (1017.00 red line)