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S.P. mini’s

Closing Comments:


5 key points:


1) The decline from 1016.00 was only 38.50 points it should have been 50.00 points for the first leg down.


 2) The decline from 1016.00 stopped at 975.50

C/T (from 7/31)

Equalizer: 975.00

Down Price Target: 926.00

Up Price Target: 1024.00   


3)990.00 is a key level

 C/T (from 8/17/09)

Equalizer: 990.00

Down Price Target: 944.00 

Up Price Target: 1037.00 


4) On the close we failed to reach 991.50, whereupon the pullback should have reached 985.25, instead it reached 986.50


5) According to the time cycles we are 12/13 days early for this potential correction.