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As you should all know by now, recently there has been an ample supply of articles, stating that Israel will attack Iran soon, as a result of this the price of crude has risen non-stop. In addition the U.S. State Department has requested that Israel not attack Iran and to notified them beforehand regarding a pre emptive attack on Iran’s nuclear power plants. Israel has no immediate plans to attack Iran; its simply a ploy to activate more immediate world sanctions upon Iran; in addition to extort more U.S. aid, the same occurred in the first gulf war, the Israeli fighter jets we’re over Jordan on the way to Iraq after the first volley of Scuds, but George Bush Sr. made an offer (funds) that Prime Minster Shamir couldn’t refuse, as a result the fighter jets over Jordan turned back and in addition its simple a wake up call to the West (Europe, U.S.) that Iran must not be taken lightly in fact the opposite in accordance to the following Israeli intelligence reports

Israel Intelligence gathered this information 75 days ago.

In the event Iran is attacked, not only do they close the Sea of Hormutz (61% of the world’s crude passes through the Strait of Hormutz;) BTW Iran has developed water mines not detected by radar, never the less in accordance to the Israeli intelligence reports Iran will immediately fire missiles at the neighboring Crude producers, the missiles will be directed at all the oil fields in the Middle East. The Iranians are far from stupid, they believe that in doing so, the price of crude will immediately reach 400/500 a barrel; as such their research (economics) indicates that the world economic situation can’t withstand the steep price increase over a 120 period of time and the world economy will collapse (immediate depression).

The U.S. State department and England are scrabbling forces in order to prevent such a situation.

In short; Iran believes it can destroy the west; through the means of economic manipulation.

Think about it, they could be right