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93.85 was a key up price target and also a possible dip level although the major move is up to 95.14 and 95.06 is the nearest key resistance pivot.

This weeks closing price is a key major timer turn and 77.89 is the key level and it certainly appears that we're in the early stages of up to 146.47 although 99.94 to 100.04 is a the key and last major resistance pivot and a failure level


Hard call because it picked off all the key up targets and we're currently left with one major pattern (2035.75 against 1570) and a new minor pattern

the minor pattern developed from the 1940.75 high and it is a clear cut top pattern pointing down (organic) to 1901.25 although recently the manipulation patterns have completely disrupted the organic direction of the markets

Pointing down

Down Price target: 1901.25

Up Price target: 1960.50

1951.25-1952.00 is the patterns key resistance pivot

1947.75 is the patterns minor pivot

Disclosure: The author is long AAPL, SPY.