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91.01 to 91.44 is a key (minor) support pivot

91.33 is the floating pivot , meaning any and all reversals MUST immediately clear this level in order to qualify as a reversal

91.02 is a reversal level and below 90.94 cancels the potential reversal

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It momentarily traded below 91.50 (reached 90.88), but on yesterday's rebound it failed exactly at the key pivot at 92.69 and again this morning it ricocheted off of 92.69; yesterday's upward movement from 90.88 to 92.75 created a swing bottom reversal pattern, meaning it's currently pointing up to 94.62; and as such 91.01 to 91.44 is the patterns key support pivot and it should get back down there before the move up to 94.62 unfolds; 92.40 is today's key intra day pivot to determine if it's down to 91.01 before the move up. Bear in mind the 91.84 is the short term (3/13 days) OAV and holding above this level means the next movement is up to 99.23 and as such 91.50 is the first confirmation level, but in the shorter time frame it's up to 94.62 and again a minor dip before up to 99.23