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It never reached 91.02 (reversal level) and instead it's somewhat followed the MANIPULATED ES/SPY movement upward (what else is new); none the less 92.29 to 92.40 is the patterns resistance pivot; I'm looking for it head back down to 91.27 (floating pivot) or lower to 91.02; this little dip down to reach 91.02 is potentially quite bullish; meaning providing it reverses (it should) at 91.02 and fails to trade below 90.94 then this reversal (providing it immediately gets back up above the floating pivot today at 91.27 then this means we're in the early stages of a new leg up to 99.23 although it reaches 94.62 and again a minor dip and then up to 99.23


Disclosure: The author is long AAPL, SPY, XLE.