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“With the lack of leadership and visionaries in Washington, why not look at government from Patton’s point of view,” declares James Carlini.
Last February, I wrote an article about states and municipalities needing to cut their budgets. It focused on taking a George S. Patton approach to managing administration, budgets and setting a new direction. “Cut the budget 20% or be replaced”
It seems like we have to revisit these concepts again with the deadlock in the Federal budget crisis. As the first article commented:
Where have all the real leaders gone? What have our business schools been cranking out in the last couple of decades? We don’t need more politically correct, we need politically accurate in decision-making roles.
The same questions could be asked about our “leaders” in Congress. Where are all the innovative ideas? Where, as one person asked, are the penny pinchers? The people who are tight with money? We have all big spenders in Congress on both sides of the aisle.
Politicians talk about raising taxes instead of cutting spending.  Is the debt crisis a real crisis? Or, is it just political theatre in order to push through bad legislation that will affect both businesses and individuals?
It’s time to take a new approach to balancing the over-bloated federal government budget: Cut spending.


Could you imagine General George S. Patton in Congress?

Take a Patton-type leadership initiative to Congress and to the Washington bureaucracies, "Get the job done or be replaced". 
When you think about this simple directive, it really sets the objective clearly and leaves it up to the individual and their creativity. No creativity? Well, maybe they should have never been put into that level of responsibility, or paid for it.
 If Congress as well as all the department and agency heads cannot find 20% waste after all these years of overspending, then they are just not "skilled enough" to hold their job.  Eliminate them and in either case, you will have trimmed the budget considerably.

As stated in the first article: Politically correct statements have to be replaced with politically accurate assessments on agency funding, project spending and every other facet of government spending.

This CUT 20% mantra is simple enough to convey, understand and be implemented at all levels of government.  It should be applied to all our "deficit problem" states. Our Greek States as I call them (California, New York, Illinois and others) and their bloated programs as well as cities and states that are on the borderline.  
Of course it may not solve everything, but it's a great and quantifiable start.
HEY, CUT 20%! 
Just send that message to everyone in both the House and Senate, every agency head and even the President. If they don’t accomplish that simple and direct order, ask for their resignations.
CARLINI-ISM :  Learn to do more with less. So many individuals have done this, federal government should get with the program.
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