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CORPORATE CYBER-SABOTAGE : Short-Sighted Executives

When it comes to corporate organizations, all of them have mission critical applications supporting their core business. Those mission critical applications need to be designed so they are insulated from any type of failure or disaster.

Mission critical means you design the application with a focus on reliability and resiliency which means all the components are redundant. There is no single point-of-failure within the system.

Evidently, many organizations are relying on systems and applications that are not protected from cyber attacks and are vulnerable to failures caused by cyber-sabotage.


Some executives are more focused on cost-cutting than they are on building quality mission critical applications and networks. Their lack of understanding the need for resiliency in these applications has left their organizations wide open for attack, especially from those who specialize in cyber crimes.

Organizations cannot adhere to the old way of designing systems that were built with disaster recovery as a way to back-up mission critical applications. Disaster recovery was the approach of shutting down critical applications and systems in an orderly fashion when an "event" happened and bringing them back up in an orderly fashion when everything was clear.

The new approach is to be insulated from attacks and take on the design criteria of "business continuity". When a disaster "event" happens, the applications are secure and insulated from the event impacting their performance.

Business continuity is a very different design approach for mission critical applications and the cost is more than having a "disaster recovery" solution.

Many executives opt for the cheaper solution which in the long run, is the wrong solution to select.

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