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What, me worry?

|Includes: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY), VIG

Investors worried about the remaining days of October, or about recessions, recoveries shaped like an L, U, W, or square-root sign, or weak V’s or high P/E’s, might consider stocks that consistently raise their dividends.

Research shows such stocks outperformed the market every year from 1972-2008, a 36-year run that included every letter in the alphabet. For more, see my Seeking Alpha article “Stocks That Raise Dividends Outperform.”

And for a look at the bright side of October, among other nuggets of Alfred E.-style worry-freedom, check out “Stock Market: A Bold, Fearless Forecast... Well Sort of,” which includes lots of links to analyses of the market and economy.

Finally, for a peek at some original ‘WHAT? ME WORRY?’ in its gloriously grinning nonchalance, check out the other two links below.


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