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TWM Today: Wall Street

Woohoo, Jobs Looking Up ~ Employment in the U.S. increased in March by the most in three years and the unemployment rate held at 9.7% as companies gained confidence the economic recovery will be sustained. Payrolls rose by 162,000 last month, figures from the Labor Department in Washington showed today. The March increase included 48,000 temporary workers hired by the government to help conduct the 2010 census. (Bloomberg)

My Man Geithner ~ Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner said the U.S. economy is showing signs of entering a period of sustainable growth as companies begin to hire. “We have some more work to do, but I think the economy is definitely getting stronger,” Geithner said in an interview today with Bloomberg Television in New York. (Bloomberg)

Kindle Still On Top ~ Electronic books are expected to be a major selling point for Apple Inc.'s iPad, which goes on sale Saturday. But competitors, particularly Inc., could end up as major e-book providers for the new device.  One reason is that Apple won't start with the same leg up over competing content providers that it has had with the iPhone and its iPod media players, which have built-in connections to the company's iTunes music and video store. The company's book-reading software, iBooks, won't come preinstalled with the iPad. That means users will pick which free software to download and install, and could just as easily choose Amazon's Kindle app for iPad as Apple's iBooks.

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