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The Proof Is In The Pudding But Only A Few Can Eat It

Clearly, the reason why there are so many market bears out there is that 1) it is easier to complain than to see the positives (especially when you've missed the rally!) and 2) government money that is helping the economy recover from the recession is helping a few of the privileged and has not trickled down to the average consumer... yet. The money that has been pumped to the system hasn't left the banks, wall street institutions or big businesses yet, they are still too afraid to spend or to lend. The trickle down effect is not in play yet, but eventually it will. So far, it has trickled to the stock market though, as seen by the rally from the bottom. Robert Reich's piece in the Huffington Post entitled "Why The Dow Is Hitting 10,000 While Everyone Else Is Cutting Back" explains this well.

Meanwhile, more proof in the pudding we can't eat for now.
"Dollar, Inflation, Recession Optimism"
"The US Comback Is Gathering Steam" -- nice slideshow showing economic data that we are indeed recovering from the recession.